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  • FAMILY CAMP 2024

    This year, we're trying something different. Instead of Family Camp closing off our camp season, Family Camp will KICK-OFF camp season! Throughout Friday and Saturday, we have activities, fun, and worship planned for the entire family., parents, that means you too! The registration cost covers meals and activities and works to support camp ministry throughout our entire season. If you have any more question, don't hesitate to reach out!


    • Elementary Camp registration time is Sunday July 7th at 3PM on & closing program is Thursday July 11th at 6PM
    • Middle School Camp registration is Sunday July 14th at 3PM and pick up is Friday July 19th at 7PM
    • High School Camp registration is Sunday July 21st at 3PM and pick up is Friday July 26th at 7PM

    • Bible
    • Toiletries
    • Raincoat
    • Pillow
    • Shower Towels
    • Beach Towel
    • Sleeping bag or bedding
    • Jacket or sweater
    • Clothes and accessories for the week
    • Special clothes for night games & games that require getting messy
    • Girls swimsuits - modest one-pieces please
    • Boys swimsuits - modest trunks please
    Parent tip: clearly label clothes, sleeping bags, shoes, etc so that you're camper doesn't accidentally misplace their stuff or grab someone elses!


    • Cooperation with and respect for those in authority is expected and required.
    • Campers are expected to behave in a safe and non-aggressive manner.
    • We feel it's best to leave your electronic devices at home - yes even your iPhone - while at camp, but if they must come, we will hold on to them for you in a secure spot and make them available for short intervals upon request. 
    • Modest clothing is required at all times.
    • Absolutely no alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sexual misconduct will be tolerated.

    • CLOTHES Expect your camper to come home with a bunch of dirty laundry! We are very limited in our ability to do laundry, so its reserved for dire circumstances. Regarding lost or damaged items, Riverside is not responsible. We encourage campers to label their items and take care of their personal space during camp so as to minimize loss. We also encourage students to leave expensive and/or new items at home so that they don't take the risk.
    • MEDICATIONS We have a full time camp health care provider who works with the campers and parents to make sure their healthcare needs are meet and supervised.
    • FOOD & ALLERGIES We make sure our food is delicious and served in abundance. We are sensitive to the allergies of our campers and are always ready to make accommodations should the need arise. Please consult the camp ahead of time regarding any issues related to meals. If your camper has a special dietary requirement that we may not have at camp (i.e. soy milk, special gluten free products) please feel free to bring some to camp and we can distribute it at meals for them. We cannot control what campers bring for snacks in their luggage, so please make sure your camper is aware. 
    • Nut Free Policy As of 01/2020 we are a nut free kitchen.  This means that we will not be using any nut products in preparing food items.  Individual peanut butter packets will be avalible for use but in a seperate designated area.
    • PARENTAL VISITS We need your help with preventing homesickness, so with that in mind, we'd appreciate it if you didn't visit besides during drop off and pick up. Phone calls can be tricky too! Sometimes just hearing your voice can make campers homesick. We're always intuitive about the needs of our campers and if they need/want to make a call, we wont deny them their right to do so!
    • VISITORS We require each visitor to sign in at the dining hall with the camp director before being permitted to stay. Anyone failing to report to the dining hall may be asked to leave. An unauthorized person could impose danger on our campers and therefore we must treat the situation seriously. Upon realization of an unauthorized person, staff will sound the alarm bell and all campers will assemble to the previously determined meeting place. The camp director will be informed of such unauthorized persons and will determine the appropriate steps of action to take from asking such person to leave or calling the appropriate authorities.
    • ACCEPTANCE We accept, without discrimination, all who apply without regard for race, color, national origin, or religious beliefs. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse those with conditions that we deem to be of such a nature that they could be a hazard to, or affect the well-being of, themselves or others while participating in the regular camp activities
      • Campers will get up to three warnings for misconduct.
      • First, privileges may be lost (such as a fun activity).
      • The second warning will include a phone call home.
      • The third warning may result in early dismissal.
      • Campers dismissed from camp do NOT receive a refund..

    If you're in need of financial assistance, please contact us.